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design your own custom



1. Please ensure that the required date to receive your custom design by is at least 8 weeks from now. After final approval and invoice delivery, we'll provide you with a guaranteed shipping date.

2. Submit your custom design HERE along with photos and a description of your vision. Including a photo of yourself or your Instagram handle would be helpful for us to understand your body type. Providing more information is always a plus!

3. We'll review your custom design inquiry and provide acceptance or denial within 1 business day.

4. If your request is approved, we'll promptly respond to your email, requesting shipping details, and send an invoice for a $75 custom deposit. This deposit not only contributes to the total cost of your custom design but also reserves your spot.

5. Once we've received your deposit, we'll start sourcing the materials for your design and send them to you for final approval.

6. After you approve the materials, you'll receive a final invoice with the deposit applied, as well as a guaranteed shipping date.

7. We'll also request specific measurements using our measurement guide and proceed to order the necessary materials for your custom creation.

8. As soon as the materials arrive, we'll ensure your order is sewn and shipped out by the agreed-upon guaranteed shipping date.

If you're using WhatsApp, we can send you an introductory message in case you have any further questions about your custom order or if we need to reach out for additional details.

We can't wait to bring your dream custom design to life!



We have a super detailed questionnaire that will help us understand what you are looking for in a custom outfit, and will guarantee we design the outfit of your dreams!

Please ensure the date you need your custom design is at least 8 weeks out. Upon final approval and invoice delivery, we will give you a guaranteed ship by date.

Each custom design will have a $75 deposit to guarantee your spot. This deposit will go towards the cost for our team to source materials, draw your custom digital design (with up to 2 edits to the design), and draft a sewing pattern for the digital design drawing.

Each custom designed by TG will have a design fee of $50, as well as a $25 sourcing fee. We will allow 2 edits to the design with this fee. Your $75 deposit COVERS the design + sourcing fee.

Once the final design & materials are approved by you, we will send over the final custom order invoice, and give you a guaranteed ship by date.


To initiate a custom design inquiry, please submit the form HERE. This comprehensive form will cover all the essential details we need to create your custom design.

Once we've reviewed your submission, we'll promptly send you an email to confirm your inquiry. At this stage, we'll request the necessary information to generate an invoice for a $75 deposit, securing your place in the queue for your custom outfit design and production.

Please keep in mind that the deposit initiates the design process. After the design is completed, we will send you a drawing of your custom design via email. You can expect to receive this custom design drawing within 5 business days of your $75 deposit being paid.

Upon receiving the drawing, please do not hesitate to inform us of any specific changes you'd like to make. We're happy to accommodate up to two edits to the design, and these edits are included in your $50 design fee.

Once you've approved the final design and materials, we'll send you the final invoice, with a breakdown of material + labor costs. The cost of labor will depend on the complexity and detailing of the design. 

If you have WhatsApp, we can send you an introductory message in case you have any further questions about your custom order or if we need to reach out for additional details.

We're excited to create the custom outfit of your dreams!



1. All custom orders are final sale. No returns or exchanges can be made.

We will ask for very specific measurements and details to make sure your custom outfit fits. Please make sure the measurements that we ask for are measured correctly. In the event that your custom does not fit, please contact us here, and we will help each customer on a case by case basis. If something needs to be tailored due to incorrect measurements, we have a $20 Tailoring fee, and we are not responsible for the cost to ship it back to our studio.

2. Tasteful girl is not responsible for any packages lost or damaged by USPS, UPS, DHL, or any mailing service. Once the outfit leaves our facility, it is out of our hands. We will offer Route Shipping Insurance to each custom order. If you opt out of shipping insurance, it is not our responsibility to cover the cost of your lost or stolen package.

3. Tasteful girl is not responsible for any stolen packages, which is why we will offer route shipping insurance with each order.