The Tasteful Girl Bottom Style Guide

"To me, feeling confident in what I wear to a festival/rave was always so important to me. It affects my mood because I love feeling confident & knowing that what I'm wearing makes me feel good!" - Tara Kianna
Even if I felt the slightest insecurity about showing a certain part of my body, it ruined my night! I discovered the bottoms that I felt comfortable in, whether I was at a bloated point in my life or a fit phase. I realized that all of my friends (different heights, shapes, sizes) all wanted different bottoms styles. We all had different taste and opinions about our body types and what we wanted to show off. This is what pushed me to create different bottom styles for any woman! We are all different, and beautiful in so many different ways. 
"Let's choose a bottom that is going to make us feel confident and love our night out dancing because we are confident in how our outfit compliments our body type!"
We have created 5 different bottom styles to compliment your body at any time.
Feel confident and fierce in any style that you choose!