Our Story

As a little girl, I was always a huge dreamer, and knew that I wanted to create the amazing life that I always wanted. I have always had a enormous passion for fashion, beauty, and music. I knew that I wanted to be in the fashion industry, but had no clue how I was going get there! 
In high school, I was introduced to raving and music festivals. Going to countless shows, I fell absolutely in love with the scene. The music made me feel something that I had never felt before, and so did the people involved with the scene. I always found that one of the most exciting parts for me and my girls was dressing up. What you wear to a show is always one of the most exciting parts, and is a beautiful form of self-expression!
My passion for the music, fashion, and the friends I made at festivals inspired me to start Tasteful Girl. I had no clue how I was going to do it, but I just did! The day I decided to start my brand, I rushed home and told my beautiful momma (Kelli) that I was going to start a festival clothing brand, and that I needed her to sew everything, as I didn’t have a clue how to sew! 
I am so grateful for my amazing mom, as she is helping me make my dreams come true. All outfits are hand-made to this date, by her! I want to encourage any girl that comes across our brand to make their dreams come true and to know that whatever life you want to live, you can create that, and I totally believe in you! <3
I hope you love your outfit, as it was hand-made with love, just for you!